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Eastern European Music has a different sound that what you may be used to. It’s eerie and mournful, but full of beauty. Here are a few songs that Ronesa has enjoyed that give you a feel for a culture you may be unfamiliar with.

Bulgarian Music and Dance

Alex Stoyanov – a Bulgarian Jazz musician and composer – created the music Ronesa uses for her book trailers that you can find on YouTube:

Alex studied classical and jazz music at the Bulgarian academy of music and later received a music degree from Berklee College of Music. He currently plays and composes in Boston, MA. To learn more about Alex visit his web page:

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Music and Dance

Nestinarstvo – Fire Dance

“Kikimora” by KCHÖRTOO

Music and lyrics provided by Stepan Samokhin.

© 2018 Valkoinen Pöllö Studios / ℗ 2010 – 2018 Valkoinen Pöllö Studios / All rights reserved.

Ronesa discovered this fascinating song on YouTube. The author agreed to allow her to include it in her book A Study of Household Spirits of Eastern Europe (where you can find the original and translated lyrics).

Available at:







“The Domovoi” by Wanderwelle

Listen to “The Domovoi” by Wanderwelle from the Lost In A Sea Of Trees album, released July 31, 2017. Feel the wind whistle through your hair as you walk through the woods. Can you feel the Domovoi with you, always protecting you?

Track available for purchase from Silent Season:

“Domovoi and Kikimora”Animation

A short animation directed by Lily Goodchild and Nicola Everill, produced at Staffordshire University.

Watch the clip and feel the terror:

DOMOVOI and KIKIMORA - from Lily Goodchild video

Inspired by Slavic mythology. A film about scavenger spirits and the child who spies on them. Video and image copyright Lily Goodchild and Nicola Everill, Directors, “Domovoi and Kikimora,” produced at Staffordshire University, May 21, 2013, (Photo and video used with permission of the creators.)

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