Our Kickstarter Campaign Is LIVE

We’re so excited. Our children’s book series, Seababies Adventures, is finally available for pre-order through our Kickstarter project! If you’ve followed the campaign, then you’ll have already received your email notification from Kickstarter the moment the campaign went live.

Don’t forget to pledge early, so you get the EARLY-BIRD PERK. You can find it at the top of our campaign page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ronesa-aveela/seababies-adventures. But it’ll be gone after the end of the day Eastern Time on Saturday. September 10.

BIRD & WORM Final Cover

You can also get an extra free book (our children’s short story Mermaid’s Gift) by sharing our campaign and then going to our website and posting the link to where you shared the campaign. Full instructions are on our website: https://ronesaaveela.wordpress.com/ronesa-aveelas-books/seababies-adventures-series/. You can also click on the “Click here to share” button on our campaign to go to our website.

Here’s a little bit about what our new Seababies Adventures children’s series is all about.

Overcoming difficulties and differences with the power of friendship

  • Are you fascinated by the vast ocean, its legends, and the creatures living within its depths?
  • Has fear of failure or ridicule ever held you back from your potential?
  • Have friends supported and empowered you when you’ve felt alone?

If this sounds like you, then dive under the sea and join the Seababies for adventures in the MerrowLand kingdom.

Whimsea Wishes Upon a Star

Whimsea, a charming little mermaid, is full of energy and love. She desperately wants to be a cheerleader and has practiced and practiced until she knows the routines. But something goes wrong, and everyone looks at her funny. It takes a wise old turtle to explain to Whimsea why she is different from the other mermaids. She learns that different can be cool and something she can be proud of.

Whimsea Spread 1

Seamore Sees More

Seamore, a funky little crab with googly eyes, is facing the biggest challenge of his life today. He’s trying out for soccer, but, oh, that net seems so far away, and he has to squint to see it. With Whimsea’s support, Seamore overcomes his fear of being made fun of.

Seamore Spread 1

Cupcake’s Heroic Day

Jellyfish Cupcake is excited to be a finalist in the annual bakeoff competition. Her desserts are the rave of MerrowLand. Taunting fish and a cry for help may squash her dream of winning, however. Cupcake learns that things that make her different are not a shortcoming, but an advantage.

Cupcake Spread 1

Thank you for your support!

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