Dragon Village Firebird

A desperate plea from a conch begs Theo for help. Can he prevent a catastrophe without losing his own life?

Dragon Village Firebird – Fantasy, MG

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DV Firebird - Amazon imageIt’s been a year since he returned from the mystical land of Dragon Village, and he’s had no word from his dragon father, Zmey. Was the promise to teach Theo about his powers a lie? Has his father abandoned him?

Then, Theo discovers that a new menace terrorizes Dragon Village. This time, Theo’s home in the human world is threatened, too. He must learn about his powers on his own and find a way back to defeat his new foe.

If Theo fails, the entire world is doomed.


Dragon Village is known as Zmeykovo in Bulgarian folklore. This is the place where all mystical creatures live during the winter, only to return to the human world in the spring, on March 25, Blagovets. The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village brings to life the creatures who live there and give readers a look at a mythology and culture the Western world is not familiar with.

Dragon Village map