Spirits & Creatures (A Study of) Series

This series about spirits and creatures from Eastern Europe developed from an idea about a future book in the Dragon Village series. In the first story, “Unborn Hero,” a character possesses a book called Lamia’s Bible, which holds the secrets of all the mythical creatures in Zmeykovo (Dragon Village). I wondered what those secrets might be. If I owned a magical book, I’d want to know the weak spots in my adversary’s character. How could I defeat each creature? How could I control them?

The books are meant to be fun, to inform you about these fascinating spirits and creatures, to give you a glimpse into a culture you may be unfamiliar with. You’ll “experience” the spirits and creatures through more than words. Where I could, I’ve included various artistic interpretations of the spirits and creatures: in art, music, and video, as well as in literature, both old and new. I’ve also included additional material to enhance your understanding of the people and their culture.

As you read this book, imagine you live in a rural area, filled with the unknown. You make your living from the land, where nature is sacred. She can be harsh or she can provide you with plenty. Understand that all of these beliefs and rituals have not completely faded from existence. You can still find places where these spirits and creatures are a part of people’s lives. Who’s to say they’re wrong? I certainly won’t.

Whether you believe or not, it’s an enlightening journey discovering these spirits and creatures who have existed at least on the pages of stories and have spread from one generation to the next by word of mouth. And I hope it will be a journey you’ll enjoy and remember.

The Series

A Study of Household Spirits thumbnail  A Study of Rusalki thumbnail  A Study of Dragons thumbnail

Book 1: A Study of Household Spirits of Eastern Europe
Spirits: Kikimora, Domovoi, Stopan, Talasum, Smok, Bannik, Ovinnik, Dvorovoi, Hovanets

Book 2: A Study of Rusalki – Slavic Mermaids of Eastern Europe

Book 3: A Study of Dragons of Eastern Europe
Topics: Smok, Zmey, Hala, Lamia, Balaur, Zmeu, Dragon Slayers


Spirits Series Collection ebook thumbnail

Books 1-3, plus Dragon Tales: Spirits & Creatures Series Collection: Household Spirits, Rusalki, Dragons & Dragon Tales

Reader Magnet

Vodyanoy Cover

A Study of Vodyanoy – Water Spirit of Eastern Europe – Free when signing up for our newsletter.

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Dragon Tales thumbnail

Dragon Tales from Eastern Europe


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