Magical Healing Trees in Slavic Folklore

Kickstarter campaign ended May 25, 2023:

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Ebook (ISBN 978-1-949397-40-6): Available only through our Store.

Print books available in retail stores in August.

Paperback (ISBN 978-1-949397-41-3): | Store | Amazon | B&N | Walmart | Waterstones |

Hardback (ISBN 978-1-949397-42-0): | Store | Amazon | B&N | Walmart | Waterstones |

This is a companion product to our popular 77 1/2 Magical Healing Herbs book. This one is all about TREES and how they have been viewed by Slavic people in the past and even today.

Sylva Fae, a talented children’s book author, will be collaborating with us on this campaign. She has a fabulous book about tree fairytales that she’ll be offering as a reward tier. You don’t want to miss it.

Follow our campaign to get notified the moment it goes live.

The ebook will be available only through Kickstarter and eventually on our webstore–not in any retail store.

Venture into the magical, healing world of trees and embrace the power of nature.

Deep within the enchanted forests, exist magical healing trees possessing the power to cure the direst of illnesses and injuries. These are not ordinary trees. Mystical creatures protect them and ancient rituals surround them. Around them, nymphs dance, cast spells, and perform healing rituals that harness the magic of the forest.

For centuries, the people have relied on the power of trees to heal ailments and cure diseases. This power is not without dangers. People exploit the forest’s magic and pay a terrible price.

In this book, you’ll discover the secrets of trees. Be warned: this power is not to be trifled with.

Are you ready to delve into the mystical world of trees? Magical Healing Trees in Slavic Folklore will prepare you for the journey. The book highlights centuries of folklore and historical facts about 21 healing and magical trees from Slavic and other traditions. Plus, it includes rituals, herbal remedies, and simple recipes.

Several high-quality color photos, as well as a full-page botanical illustration, accompany the description of each tree, so anyone can use the book as a field guide in their backyard or when they go foraging.

With more than 100 color images and fascinating information, Magical Healing Trees in Slavic Folklore is certain to entertain and enlighten you. Be sure to get your copy today.

Kickstarter Campaign Project Backers

Here are all the wonderful people who backed our Kickstarter campaign, plus others who preferred to remain anonymous. We greatly appreciate your support of this project.


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