The Miracle Stork

The Miracle Stork – Baba Treasure Chest, book 2 – Children’s, Holiday, Short Story, Activity and Coloring Book

“A wonderfully story that depicts Bulgarian culture and beliefs.”

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Rada knows little about her Bulgarian heritage because her family doesn’t practice their customs. That changes when her grandmother comes to visit. On a trip to the zoo, Rada discovers more than animals. She learns that diversity is not something to be ashamed of. Her grandmother tells her about the traditions of their ancestors and the meaning of the martenitsi that she makes every spring.

The Miracle Stork is a story about creating and maintaining traditions and customs to embrace who you are. In the tradition of family togetherness, Baba Treasure Chest stories are geared toward the entire family: Adults reading stories to children, families participating in activities, and children working together on coloring pages.

**NOTE: Coloring pages have been removed from the ebook version because Amazon said they gave the reader a bad experience.


The Miracle Stork is about the springtime tradition of the martenitsi, a tradition popular in Bulgaria and with Bulgarians around the world to this day. But you don’t have to be Bulgarian to enjoy this book and its story. Indeed, The Miracle Stork covers the wider concept of celebrating your own customs and embracing who you are.

As well as a delightful story, the book also contains a series of beautiful, colorful illustrations, a section on making the martenitsi, and an activity section for younger readers. This is truly a magical book containing a subtle but important message; more than that it’s a book of quality brimming with joy.

Praise for The Miracle Stork

“The drawings were exceptional – they looked like something an amazingly talented kid could come up with, if that makes sense.”

“Best of all, there are instructions in the back to make martenitsi, a page to write out new and old family traditions, and there are several pages of coloring outlines. I think that’s a fantastic touch to a children’s book.”

“The drawings sprinkled throughout the story were sweet and added a whimsical feel. The how-to section at the end is a wonderful addition and will enhance a child’s attention to the meaning behind the story.”

” The artwork was cute and perfect for the book.”

“A wonderful story that depicts Bulgarian culture and beliefs.”

“I’ll admit I knew nothing about Bulgarian culture (and know I know a little bit), but as the child of parents who came to America from the Caribbean, I can wholly relate to the family-centered theme and importance of holding onto those little nuggets of culture and practice that make one feel at home in a strange land.”

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