The Christmas Thief

The Christmas Thief – Baba Treasure Chest, book 1 – Children’s, Holiday, Short Story, Activity and Coloring Book

“This is a warm, charming and ethic story about sharing and the spirit of Christmas.”

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Seven-year-old Christopher is determined he is going to catch the Winter Monster who steals food from his family’s porch every Christmas. What he discovers instead is the meaning of sharing.

The Christmas Thief is a short story and coloring book. In the tradition of family togetherness, Baba Treasure Chest stories are geared toward the entire family: Adults reading stories to children, children and adults working together on coloring pages.

**NOTE: Activities and coloring pages have been removed from the ebook version because Amazon said they gave the reader a bad experience.


This book is dedicated to people everywhere as a reminder of the beauty of Christmas when we count our blessings and help those in need.

Praise for The Christmas Thief

“It had a lovely ethnic story with beautiful illustrations that is in the true spirit of Christmas and charity, that warmed the heart.”

“It is a delightful story with a moral of sharing between people.”

“This is an adorable Christmas book with a great message about helping others in need.”

“The story of The Christmas Thief offers a message for the festive season, and beyond. Indeed, it is a message we should carry with us all year round.”

“Cute children’s book that blends charming illustrations, sweet story and some riddles to be solved!”

“Even if you were in a bad mood this little story with wonderfully colorful illustrations will surely brighten your day.”

“The book captures the excitement of Christmas and explains the meaning of the festival in a way young children will understand and identify with.”

“A wonderful addition to any child’s Christmas book library.”

Featured Story

Bulgaria National Radio: The Christmas Thief, of Tales From Baba’s Treasure Chest

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