Mermaid’s Gift

Mermaid’s Gift – Baba Treasure Chest, book 4 – Children’s, Fantasy, Holiday, Short Story and Coloring Book

“The story is just as magical as you would expect a story centered around mermaids should be.”

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Nine-year-old Nick celebrates his Name Day in December, on St. Nicholas Day. But the day is filled with worry because his father is caught out fishing on the ocean during a storm. He receives a special gift from his mother that day, a gift that has an unusual message.

Mermaid’s Gift is a short story and coloring book. In the tradition of family togetherness, Baba Treasure Chest stories are geared toward the entire family: Adults reading stories to children, children and adults working together on coloring pages.

**NOTE: Coloring pages have been removed from the ebook version because Amazon said they gave the reader a bad experience.

Praise for Mermaid’s Gift

“The story is short, but enriched with the family cultural heritage, and there is a fair bit of tension.”

Mermaid’s Gift is another delightful story in a magical series.”

“I like a story that stimulates conversation and although this is a short book, it does lend itself to a lot of questions and these keep coming.”

“I appreciate when I can learn something from a book and Mermaid’s gift did just that. I would read more by this author because of that alone…”

“Weaving in threads of Bulgarian mythology and custom adds greatly to the read, as does the beautiful, colorful illustrations.”

“I love how the cultural heritage was incorporated within the story.”

A well paced interesting story that has all the drama of the high seas intertwined with a sense of national identity – well not so much a sense – but a welcomed explanation of the traditions associated with some countries in the celebration of Name’s day.”

Featured Video

Have you heard of Mama G? With a dramatic flair, she reads stories to children, and teaches them lessons about accepting others as they are. We are excited that she has consented to read one of our children’s stories, Mermaid’s Gift.

Mama G would love it if you would subscribe to her YouTube channel, and also follow her on Instagram and Facebook: @MamaGStories.

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