Born From the Ashes

Born From the Ashes – Baba Treasure Chest, book 3 – Children’s, Holiday, Fantasy, Short Story and Coloring Book

“This is truly a beautiful children’s story based on the rich folklore of Bulgaria.”

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Kerana is spending the summer with her grandmother while her mother is busy with work. Keeping with old traditions, Baba (the grandmother) initiates Kerana as a znahar, an herbal healer, who people often call a witch. Things go wrong when she disobeys her grandmother’s warning.

In the tradition of family togetherness, Baba Treasure Chest stories are geared toward the entire family: Adults reading stories to children, families participating in activities, and children working together on coloring pages.

**NOTE: Coloring pages have been removed from the ebook version because Amazon said they gave the reader a bad experience.


Born From the Ashes includes an ancient Bulgarian tradition of a healer (znahar) passing down her knowledge to a younger generation. The details of the ritual come from Thracian Magic Past & Present by Georgi Mishev, and was used with permission of the author.

Praise for Born From the Ashes

“Part modern fairy tale, part fable, the story has a timeless quality…”

“… this fairy tale is written with love and its warmth brings you closer to the Bulgarian tradition. Adding to the excellent writing, the illustrations are quite beautiful.”

“The colorful illustrations throughout the book are terrific and add greatly to the enjoyment of the overall experience.”

Beautifully illustrated, this is a tale of love and loss.”

“When I choose this book I did not know the story is based on Slavic legends, and this is right up my alley.”

“The authors should also be congratulated on keeping legends and traditions alive and in presenting them to a new generation of readers.”

“Author Ronesa Aveela provides us with a well written tale of magic, mystery, tragedy and triumph.”

“It was fantastic to go back and rediscover my childhood in a delightful tale of a young girl who is friendless and timid then turns into a courageous girl that soars in a selfless act of bravery.”

“…I feel the entire story will be timeless and classic, as there is no attempt at modern themes…”

“I love how it uses herbs, ritual, and tradition to convey the coming of age and the power and reverence of magic. ”

This story was an interesting view in to an ancient Bulgarian cultural tradition. Kerana, a teenage girl, is picked by her grandmother znahar, which is a type of traditional healer by her baba.”

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