77 1/2 Magical Healing Herbs


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77 1/2 Magical Healing Herbs – Nonfiction, Reference

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Print copies will be avaialble at Amazon at regular price on November 26.

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Temp Herb CoverVenture into the magical, healing world of herbs and embrace the power of nature.

77½ Magical Healing Herbs is an introduction to herbs found in a special Midsummer’s wreath. This is an especially enchanting time of year. Among the Bulgarian’s the day is called Eniovden.

You may think herbs are only for spicing up food and healing the body and mind, but they have other uses, as well.

Herbs can:

  • Help prevent hair loss.
  • Eliminate turkey neck.
  • Repel insects.

And did you know herbs have magical properties? Here are a few:

  • Attract love or repel it.
  • Provide protection from curses and unseen forces.
  • Help an individual find favor in court or success with money matters.
  • And so much more.

This unique herbal book is an essential guide for tapping into the power of herbs. It highlights centuries of lore and historical facts about healing and magical uses of herbs from Slavic and other traditions.

Plus, it includes rituals, herbal remedies, and simple recipes. Not only that, you’ll learn about several renowned Bulgarian healers throughout history—from St. Ivan Rilski to Baba Vanga.

One or two high-quality color photos, as well as a full-page botanical illustration, accompany each plant, so anyone can use the book as a field guide in their backyard or when they go foraging.

An index identifies some of the more interesting medical and magical abilities and the herbs that fall under them.

With more than 200 color images and fascinating information, 77½ Magical Healing Herbs is certain to entertain and enlighten you.

Articles/Interviews about the Book…

June 21, 2022 – Virginia Beach Public Library Meet the Author Series

May 23, 2022 – Magic hedgehogs & other Bulgarian on  rituals on Eleanor’s Iceberg

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