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Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey – Romance, Fantasy

Dragon Village series

The Unbon Hero of Dragon Village DV Firebird - Amazon image thumbnail  Dragon-Village-4-Ouroboros-V5-front thumbnail

Dragon Village Translations

Zmeykovo La profezia del Villaggio del Drago  ebook cover - Dragon Portuguese thumbnail  DV Unborn Hero Spanish - Amazon image thumbnail

The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village / Zmeykovo  (Dragon Village book 1) – Fantasy (Available in English, Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish)

Dragon Village Firebird (Dragon Village book 2) – Fantasy

Dragon Village Ouroboros (Dragon Village book 3) – Fantasy

Fairy Tales

Dragon Tales thumbnail

Dragon Tales from Eastern Europe – Fiction, Fairy-tales
Available in ebook, paperback, and hardback formats.


Light Love Rituals  The Wanderer - A Tear and A Smile  The Wanderer - Bulgarian  77 1-2 Herbs thumbnail

Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore – Nonfiction, Mythology, Folklore, Social Customs
“A wealth of knowledge of Bulgaria’s ancient customs and how they are celebrated today.”

The Wanderer – A Tear and A Smile (Available in English and Bulgarian) – Nonfiction, Memoir, Social Customs
I love reading and learning about traditions and culture as well as folklore and myths. This author is amazing for that!

77 1/2 Magical Healing Herbs – Nonfiction

Spirits and Creatures Series

A Study of Household Spirits thumbnail  A Study of Rusalki thumbnail  A Study of Dragons thumbnail  Baba Yaga cover thumbnail

Supplemental ebooks books in the series

A Study of Vodyaoy - Water Spirit of Eastern Europe  Spirits Series Collection ebook thumbnail

A Study of Household Spirits of Eastern Europe – Nonfiction, Folklore, Social Customs
Do you love all things paranormal? What you know about the spirit world is about to change as you discover these nine unusual household spirits.

A Study of Rusalki – Slavic Mermaids of Eastern Europe – Nonfiction, Folklore, Social Customs
Seductive. Beautiful. Dangerous! Or are they innocent and looking for love? Discover the allure of Slavic mermaids – the Rusalki.

A Study of Dragons of Eastern Europe – Nonfiction, Folklore, Social Customs
Have you ever wondered if dragons were real?

A Study of Baba Yaga – Nonfiction, Folklore, Social Customs
You thought the Wicked Witch of the West was evil, but have you met the Wicked Witch of Eastern Europe?

A Study of Vodyanoy – Water Spirit of Eastern Europe – Nonfiction, Folklore, Social Customs (FREE when you sign up for our newsletter)
Ugly. Evil. Treacherous! Discover the life of the Vodyanoy, Slavic water spirit.

Spirits & Creatures Series Collection – Nonfiction, Folklore, Social Customs
Contains Books 1-3 of the series (Household Spirits, Rusalki, Dragons) plus Dragon Tales.

Coloring Books

Mermaids Around the World coloring book  More Mermaids Around the World Coloring Book  52 Fascinaing Mermaid Legends  Little Zoi Coloring book

Mermaids Around the World – Nonfiction, Coloring book
“I really loved how each page contains interesting information and facts about mermaids.”

More Mermaids Around the World – Nonfiction, Coloring book
“Delightful, detailed mermaid pages and information about them.”

52 Fascinating Mermaid Legends – Nonfiction, Coloring book
This adult coloring book contains 52 detailed illustrations of mermaids around the world, originally published in two volumes: “Mermaids Around the World” and “More Mermaids Around the World.”

Little Zoi – Nonfiction, Coloring book
“Meet the playful little kitty, Zoi. She likes eating cookies, playing in the garden, and stealing fish from a magical glass bowl.”


Mediterranean & Bulgarian Cuisine

Mediterranean & Bulgarian Cuisine – Nonfiction, Cookbook
No finer tradition exists than making Bulgarian cuisine, which is as rich as the soul of the people.
NOTE: These are the same recipes that are in “Light Love Rituals.”

Baba Treasure Chest series – Children’s Fiction

The Christmas Thief  The Miracle Stork  Born From the Ashes  Mermaid's Gift  Baba Treasure Chest  cover from amazon thumbnail

The Christmas Thief (book 1) – Children’s, Holiday, Short Story, Activity and Coloring Book
“This is a warm, charming and ethic story about sharing and the spirit of Christmas.”

The Miracle Stork (book 2) – Children’s, Holiday, Short Story, Activity and Coloring Book
“A wonderfully story that depicts Bulgarian culture and beliefs.”

Born From the Ashes (book 3) – Children’s, Fantasy, Holiday, Short Story and Coloring Book
“This is truly a beautiful children’s story based on the rich folklore of Bulgaria.”

Mermaid’s Gift (book 4) – Children’s, Fantasy, Holiday, Short Story and Coloring Book
“The story is just as magical as you would expect a story centered around mermaids should be.”

Baba Treasure Chest: A Collection of Modern Bulgarian Tales (books 1 – 4) (Available in English and Bulgarian) – Children’s, Fantasy, Holiday, Short Story, Activity and Coloring Book
“A tradition of family togetherness.”

Seababies Adventures series – Children’s Fiction

Whimsea cover new thumbnail   seamore cover new thumbnail   Cupcake cover new thumbnail

Whimsea Wishes Upon a Star (book 1) – Children’s

Seamore Sees More (book 2) – Children’s

Cupcake’s Heroic Day (book 3) – Children’s

Seababies Adventures bring awareness to challenges common during childhood. Everyone has a story about one or more difficulties they’ve overcome as a child. They may not seem overwhelming to us now, but as a child, they may have been traumatic and caused fear of being ridiculed by other children.

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