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Map of Dragon Village / Zmeykovo

Fantasy worlds can be magical, terrifying, and brutal all at once.

The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village by Roneas Aveela tells the tale of a 12-year-old boy named Theo who journeys to a mystical land called Zmeykovo (Dragon Village) to rescue his sister. The map shows all the places he visits as he tries to find a way to rescue his sister from the beastly 3-headed dragon called Lamia who lives high on top of Cherna Mountain.

If you could write his journey, what would it be? Submit your stories (and drawings) to Ronesa Aveela and she will publish them on her website. Be sure to include your name and age.

Happy fantasizing!


Kid’s Coloring Books and More

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Ronesa’s Children’s Books

Dragon Village / Zmeykovo (MG Novel)

Baba Treasure Chest (contains The Christmas Thief, The Miracle Stork, Born From the Ashes, and Mermaid’s Gift)

The Christmas Thief (Short Story, Activity Book, Coloring Book)

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Born From the Ashes (Short Story, Coloring Book)

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