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The artists below are those whom Ronesa has worked with on her various books. They are all talented and ready to supply you with artwork for your own endeavors. Why not get in contact with them?


Anna Błaszczyk (Evelinea Erato) is a Polish artist interested in folklore and mythology. Her work is inspired by artists such as Ivan Bilibin, Arthur Rackham, John Bauer, Alphonse Mucha, and Gustav Klimt. Ronesa discover her while looking for the illustrator of the image that graces the cover of A Study of Household Spirits of Eastern Europe. Contact her at the places below to find out more about commissioned art.




Andy Paciorek is a graphic artist and writer, drawn mainly to the worlds of myth, folklore, symbolism, decadence, curiosa, anomaly, dark romanticism and otherworldly experience. His published books include Black Earth: A Field Guide to the Slavic Otherworld, Strange Lands: A Field Guide to the Celtic Otherworld and The Human Chimaera: Slideshow Prodigies & Other Exceptional People. He is also the creator of the Folk Horror Revival multimedia project.

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Dmitry Yakhovsky has received education at the Academy of Art in Minsk, Belarus. He mostly works for authors and publishers all over the world to illustrate books in both digital and traditional ways but is also regularly commissioned for smaller projects. Dmitry writes and illustrates his own books. Examples of this are the graphic novel series ‘The Shadow of the Cross’ and created two coloring books for adults which were all published by the British publisher MadeGlobal and two historical graphic novels set in medieval Netherlands published by the Dutch publisher Pear Productions. He is this year’s winner of a big comic contest in the Netherlands. Dmitry is besides this specialized in portrait and landscape paintings which are usually done in oil paint or watercolor and regularly exhibited.



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Nelinda is the artistic side of Ronesa. Not only does she have thousands of ideas for stories about her Bulgarian heritage, but she is a talented artist. You can see more of her work at


Guest Artists

Discover more about some fascinating artists we have come to know.

Keazim Issinov – February 1, 2020


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