“Mystical Emona” is not only a book, but also an art exhibit inspired by this mystical place called Emona. Below is a list of past and future events.

October 2014- Bulgarian Voices “Light, Love and Rituals”

Boston University Center for the Study of Europe

Join us for an extraordinary book signing event where the topic will be “Love, Light and Rituals,” focusing on themes prevalent in the novel Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey.

photo_3“Ludo Mlado” Folk Dance Group
(photo credit

Bulgarian culture is rich in folklore and traditions surviving since the days of the ancient Thracians. As pagan and Christian religions collided, many celebrations merged into one. “Mystical Emona” will take you on a journey to discover these unique traditions. These rituals have been transmitted from generation to generation. They promote respect for cultural diversity and human creativity and empower people to connect to the future.

(photo credit

August 2014-“Art on Main” Gallery Westford, MA

“Light, Love and Rituals” acrylics and gold leaf by Nelly Tonchev-Nelinda
to see more visit gallery web site “Art on Main.”


March 2014-French Cultural Center in Boston “A Bulgarian Soirée”

soare The French Cultural Center will celebrate Bulgaria for its 2014 event.

 The soirée will begin by a folkloric dance performance by the ensemble Ludo Mlado, followed by a short dance workshop led by the   ensemble’s accomplished choreographer. In the gallery, a one-night art exhibition by Bulgarian artist Nelly Tonchev will illustrate rituals and customs practiced throughout the Balkans. Live music by Alex Stoyanov Trio will surely put you to dance!

December 2013-Parish Center of Arts Gallery in Westford, MA

“Mystical Emona” is an art exhibit and a book inspired by a place called Emona. The wild beauty of this mystical place located on the Black Sea, a land and its people and history hidden from the world, left a deep impression on me.

The show was up for a month in December 2013 at Parish Center of Arts Gallery in Westford, MA, and some pieces were part of exhibit back in 2011 in Springstep in Medford, MA.  Also the show was up in March 2014 in Boston French Cultural Center.

Each of my pieces has a story to tell and is inspired by a ancient tradition or ritual and will help the visitor to learn and connect to the past.

The statement we want to make is to introduce the culture and traditions of the old Thracians survived thousands of years and been practice until today in Europe. The reaction to our event is excellent; it was featured in the Lowell Sun, Eagle by the art columnist from the Lowell Sun, Nancye Tuttle.

All artwork is original and is the sole creation of Nelinda. The artist paints mostly from memories and feelings which are transformed expressively through color and line. Whether it’s through abstract expressionism or figurative painting, she often returns to her favorite subjects in order to explore the expressive possibilities of a theme. Her artistic interests include the female figure, folklore tales, and the natural world interpreted through her eyes.

Click here to see work by Nelly Tonchev-Nelinda, which  includes:
“Mystical Emona” is a series of acrylics and gold leaf on canvas.
“Womanly “series
of paintings inspired by … to celebrate love, woman and motherhood.
“Wild Horses” series of paintings inspired by the village Emona

Visit Nelinda’s website:

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