The Seababies Adventures World

Since childhood, I’ve longed to paint and write, but challenges and life in general forced me to compromise my love for the arts. When I move to the States, I strived to succeed and provide for my family. I returned to school and began building my life again, as I’m sure many other legal immigrants have done. It wasn’t until ten years ago that I finally was able to make the time to be an artist, to write and paint again.

I’m fascinated by the ocean. I can only imagine all the creatures that live within its depths. In my mind, it’s a magical world, thriving with kingdoms and countries. Each kingdom has its citizens, rules, and culture, similar to how we live on land. The difference is that they live (mostly) in harmony and don’t have wars or nuclear power. There will always be squabbles, but in general, it’s a peaceful place. This was my vision of MerrowLand, where Whimsea and her friends live.


Sometimes shells from this kingdom get washed onto the beach. Each one tells its own story. Maybe it housed a funky little crab like Seamore. Or perhaps a baby octopus or a little mermaid crept in there to sleep. My imagination explored the possibilities, and my hands created Whimsea and her little friend Seamore using clay and shells.

My goal was to tell a story and empower kids to believe in themselves and the strength of friendship. I’m sure many of you can relate to their stories in the books.

I also love classic children’s books, and this is what inspired the classical look of the covers. I wanted to create a magical world using words, figurines, and illustrations.

Overcoming difficulties and differences with the power of friendship

  • Are you fascinated by the vast ocean, its legends, and the creatures living within its depths?
  • Has fear of failure or ridicule ever held you back from your potential?
  • Have friends supported and empowered you when you’ve felt alone?

If this sounds like you, then dive under the sea and join the Seababies for adventures in the MerrowLand kingdom.

I hope you’ll join us, along with Whimsea and her friends, and learn a little bit about sea life in the process. You can find our campaign here:

Author: Ronesa Aveela

Ronesa Aveela is “the creative power of two.” Two authors that is. The main force behind the work, the creative genius, was born in Bulgaria and moved to the US in the 1990s. She grew up with stories of wild Samodivi, Kikimora, the dragons Zmey and Lamia, Baba Yaga, and much more. She’s a freelance artist and writer. She likes writing mystery romance inspired by legends and tales. In her free time, she paints. Her artistic interests include the female figure, Greek and Thracian mythology, folklore tales, and the natural world interpreted through her eyes. She is married and has two children. Her writing partner was born and raised in the New England area. She has a background in writing and editing, as well as having a love of all things from different cultures. Together, the two make up the writing of Ronesa Aveela. Her writing goal is to make people aware of a culture rich with traditions that date back thousands of years to the ancient Thracians who inhabited parts of Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria, and other Slavic nations.

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